“The Denim Jacket”

Denim Series

Welcome back!

We had such a good response to the previous denim post that I decided to continue with what I like to call the “denim series”. I’ll show you how to be creative when wearing classic denim and how to switch it up for any occasion.

I’d describe this cost friendly vintage look as a mix of bold , colorful and comfy. This medium blue classic denim jacket is one of my rare finds.  At first sight the jacket is not something that I would usually fall in love with because it is very structured and not form fitting or figure flattering. But, I was on the hunt for an over-sized denim jacket and my endless search kept leading me back to this one, which has become my favorite go to piece. So, I purchased the jacket 2 sizes up to get the baggy effect that I really wanted. I paired it with this amazing, colorful vintage skirt that I picked up from my local thrift store along with my ivory bra corset. Next step, accessorize. I added a fun metal link belt to give the outfit some definition and shape since it was slightly baggy and it worked perfectly. Add some earrings, necklace and bracelets that mix well with the belt and you have a great outfit.

I’m currently loving the denim jacket trend right now because with my style I like to mix and match to give contrast and pop, so adding something that gives a hint of attention helps showcase the complete look. This look could easily be switched up by adding some colorful jeans or trousers.

Outfit Details

Jacket Levi – https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/clothing/men/outerwear/trucker-jacket/p/723340131

Corset Ross (Similar one) – https://www.macys.com/shop/product/low-back-bustier?I

Skirt – Vintage

Bag: Gucci – https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/women/womens-handbags/womens-shoulder-bags/dionysus-small-gg-shoulder-bag-p-400249KHNRN8642?rrec=true&position=2&listName=CrossSell&categoryPath=Women/Womens-Handbags/Womens-Shoulder-Bags&pl_pageType=Search&pl_persStrategy=Strategy1&pl_navCategory=

Photos by: Charis Solution Photography

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